Focuster Features

Google Calendar Sync

Automatically schedule your To-do list and sync the results to your Google calendar. See your Google calendar events alongside your scheduled tasks.

Priority-based Auto-Scheduling

Focuster automatically schedules tasks from To-do list into the free time slots in your calendar according to their priority. When events are added, changed, or deleted Focuster will automatically re-schedule your tasks to create the optimimal schedule.

Pinning of auto-scheduled tasks

You may manually adjust your actions to start at a specific time. This means that you can override the auto scheduling and move any action to any time you want.

Real-time calendar updates

Instantly see changes in your calendar when you add or change actions in Focuster when using Google Calendar.

Multiple Calendar Support

Connect multiple calendars including Google, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud

Intuitive Drag and Drop interface

Drag actions into your calendar to schedule them at a specific time, or drag them into the day list to auto-schedule them for the best available time. Use drag and drop to re-order your tasks for the highest priority.

Multiple Calendar Layouts

You get essential layouts like day and week planning.

Multiple lists

Split up your tasks into different categories. Create as many lists as you need to stay organized.

Recurring actions

Set up daily, weekly and monthly actions so you create a predictable routine for your life.

Due dates

Nothing ever falls through the cracks. Set up due dates for any task, and Focuster will make sure they’re on your daily list when they’re due.

Rich Text Task Notes

Rich text notes for each action can include links, bullets, bold and italic text. Create links to e-mails in Gmail, documents in Google Drive or other services to keep important resources a click away.


You can do a full-text search of all your actions, search for unscheduled actions and by the list and also, actions without a list.


Focuster breaks up long actions into smaller ones to fit them into a packed schedule. For example, a hour task could be automatically broken up into 2 30m chunks so that you can get started right away.

Time Blocking

Group your tasks (business, home etc) and set up themed time blocks in your schedule where related tasks are executed together. Focuster will help you make sure that even when you're juggling multiple projects and wearing many hats, that you give time to all the things that matter.

Real-time Trello syncing

Connect your Trello account to make sure none of the tasks on your boards fall through the cracks. Collaborate with your team to get things done. Changes are synced in real-time so you're always in the loop.

Zapier/API access

Turn Focuster into your productivity hub: connect it with your favorite tools including project management (Todoist, Asana), Gmail, CRM and more. Choose from 1000+ apps and create the best combinations to power your productivity. Watch them populate your calendar and never drop the ball again.

Smart reminders

Focuster sets reminders for events created in your calendar, periodic pop-up reminders and push notifications to remind you to work on the next highest priority task on desktop and mobile.

Daily Emails

This important reminder will update you on a daily basis with your agenda for a successful day.

Activity Bar

The activity bar help you make the most of your time without overloading yourself. See how much unscheduled time you have left and how busy a given day is. Available in the day and week views.

Log Completed Activities

Focuster can leave competed actions in a separate calendar that you can use for time tracking or to assess your progress.

See your achievements

Focuster will save completed actions for you in the Archive so you can feel great about all the work you got done.

Adjustable Work Hours

Set a standard work week, take weekends off, or even adjust your work hours for an individual day for maximum flexibility. Need to work longer to get it all done? That's easy to do via the work hours adjustment in the Activity bar.

Now View

The Now view shows you the next action coming up in your schedule so you always know what to work on next. Keep your mind clear by leaving the rest of your list behind.

Adjustable interface

You can easily toggle elements of the interface to customize it for your own particular tastes.

Themable Interface

Choose from a list of alternate color themes to customize the interface to your preference.

Mobile interface

Focuster works with any mobile device and allows you to have the power of automated scheduling in your pocket at all times.

Chrome extension

Keeps you focused on your top priority. Every time when you open a new tab in Chrome, you will see the Now view showing you this one the most important thing you should be focused on right now.

Personal Productivity Set up

During this call, we'll help you get setup with Focuster for an optimal workflow. We'll help you integrate your top 3 most commonly used tools. Spend your time getting things done instead of checking all the different apps that you have information in.


This automated tutorial will walk you through the most important features of Focuster so you will get started on the right foot.

Help & Support

Our support team is always here for you. Ask questions and get help via email, chat, Skype, Zoom. We always update our Help Center with the latest information and easy step-by-step guides.

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