At Focuster we are aiming for a revolution in the way that you relate to both your to-do list and your calendar. Often seen as separate places, we are using technology to bridge the gap to provide unprecedented levels of productivity and clarity. Once you set your priorities you'll be notified when you have time to do things and in the correct order so nothing falls through the cracks.

Our Solution

Focuster offers the only real-time solution for auto-scheduling for to-do list. Being able to see changes reflected in real-time is critical to be able to see the consequences of new and changing priorities.

Many of the masters of productivity say making time for your priorities is essential. But the process of scheduling those things in your calendar is tedious. Even then, once you’ve finished creating the schedule it is not over. Any missed deadlines push work forward. You have to schedule each task anew to keep your schedule up to date.

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About Jordan Baker, Founder

Jordan Baker is a personal productivity expert and the creator of Focuster, an auto-scheduling calendar app for entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. Over the last 20 years, first as a freelance software developer and later as the principal at a web development agency, he realized that personal productivity was crucial to professional achievement. He takes a holistic approach, integrating yoga, meditation, productivity systems like GTD, mindset coaching with Tony Robbins, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more. Jordan shares his unique take on “managing your focus, not just your time” and the practice of time blocking to juggle competing priorities.

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